Image: Ecosystem map developed with Innovation Leader.

Visual explanations fill a space in communications hierarchies that’s often overlooked and underserved.

There is a gap between simple aspirational billboards, designed to attract attention, and detailed blueprints and white papers, which can be overwhelming and often go unread.

Before they go deep, people — especially time-challenged decision-makers — need summary/overview explanations that are engaging and accessible. This is the place for visual explanations.

Not everyone understands this.

Image: Selling story for Alvaria, Inc., shared with permission.

Visual explanation is an ancient art.

Older than the pyramids, older than written language, and perhaps even earlier than spoken language. Some remnants remain: glorious cave paintings where majestic animals seem to overwhelm puny human stick figures. We can only guess what stories were told to accompany these images, by flickering torchlight.

Every time someone scratches a crude diagram with a stick in the sand, scribbles a business idea on a napkin, or demonstrates how to tie a knot, they are using this ancient technique that powers the human ability to understand and communicate complex or potentially confusing information.

You can use this powerful method to clearly explain how things work and why they matter.

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