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Liminal Thinking released!

Liminal Thinking released!

I am happy and proud to share that my new book, Liminal Thinking, is now available for purchase on Amazon. Have a look!

How to navigate complexity with liminal thinking (UX Week)

David Gray // How to Navigate Complexity with Liminal Thinking // UX Week 16 from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

What is a human-focused organization?

What is a human-focused organization? This question emerged on an email list and generated a ton of questions and conversation. The emails and replies got so thick that email just wouldn’t do it anymore. We had to move to video….

How I make my videos

How to create a connected company (and how XPLANE can help)

How to create a connected company (and how XPLANE can help)

A new kind of company is emerging. A kind of company that is more innovative, leaner and faster. Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook, who seem to be able to operate at massive scale and still maintain the agility of…

Understanding how people understand

How to get ridiculously cheap business-class airfares.

If you know me, you know I hate traveling internationally. I mean, I like being in wonderful places but generally, I hate the process of getting there. That’s why I was excited to learn that business-class airfare doesn’t have to…

Dave Gray speaks to Peter Ryan of ABC on culture and change

The Line56 e-Business Ecosystem

The Line56 e-Business Ecosystem

In 2001 XPLANE created an infographic visualizing the e-Business ecosystem which was one of the most downloaded things on their site. I’m still proud of this diagram and it is still valid today. Download the e-Business Ecosystem (PDF).