Jason Fried on simplicity

Dave Gray talks with Jason Fried of 37 Signals about simplicity, Twitter, Blogger, Mies Van Der Rohe, Antonio Gaudi and their influence in his design work.

Jason Fried on design

Dave Gray talks with Jason Fried about his design process.

Jason Fried on nature

A short, 5-minute chat with Jason Fried about nature and how it influences his work.

Drawing facial expressions

Here’s a quick video on drawing facial expressions. You might also want to check out a related post from Communication Nation in 2005.

Adaptive Path’s Leah Buley interviews Dave Gray using index cards

“Adaptive Path has a brain crush on Dave Gray. He’s the founder of XPLANE, a compay that creates visualizations to clarify complex business problems. More importantly, Dave is that rare combination: super smart and super down to earth. A couple…

Chris Brogan interviews Dave Gray

“Dave Gray is productive. This man puts out more graphics in more media than a graffiti tagger with a hardware store full of paint. Besides inventing his own visual language (you do that in your spare time, right?), Dave has…

Dave Gray interviewed for the meetings podcast

“Today our guest is David Gray Visual Thinker and founder of Xplane.com. David founded Xplane to help people communicate clearly in an increasingly complex world. David and I talk about his company Xplane, his blogs, books and conferences on the…